song lyrics Selena Gomez-A Wish Upon A Star

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Selena Gomez
Women, 22 Juli 1990
New York , AS
Boyfriend : Justin Bieber

Sometimes i feel like i'm standing on a rock
and you were on the opposite side
and sometimes i feel like
i should grab you and pull you closer
what should i do to make this dream come true

(chorus) i will wish upon a star to make this dream come true (to make this dream come true)
a wish upon a star is all i need to make you mine
a wish upon a star is all i need
oh, a wish upon a star

sometimes its hard to look away from you
but when i'm dreaming its so easy
cause when i'm dreaming you're always mines
and this one time i dreamt that we were racing
and than i said
I'll race you to the bottom of my heart


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